About me

I’m a problem solving leader. Since 2017, I’ve led the Communications function for a healthcare company in England: among other things, delivering two “best ever” years in a row for positive PR reaching more than 10 million, and supporting a 7% increase in colleague engagement over two years.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, I’ve sat on the National Incident Control Team and led the Communications response team – responsible for weekly video updates, disseminating around 100 updates on new clinical and HR guidance and supporting colleague wellbeing initiatives which three quarters of colleagues surveyed said they found helpful.

I have been working since I was 11 when I decided I wanted to be a journalist. After ‘beating the local press at its own game’ and winning an award for improving communication in my hometown of Rubery, Worcestershire I took a detour.

Since then I’ve run a coffee shop for a national chain, taught kids about web design and generally fixed the problems I’ve found in the world along the way.

You also can find me, and get in touch, at @nicparkes on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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